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Ayrton Senna through my eye.

Ingrandisci immagine
Ayrton Senna through my eye.

Ayrton Senna, through my eye. Ayrton Senna: Through My Eye
With a selection of 105 of his finest photographs, Paul-Henri Cahier's Ayrton Senna "Through My Eye" follows the magical driver from Sao Paulo over his 10 blistering fast years on the circuits of the world, until his untimely, tragic death at Imola in 1994. Also included in the book are 18 pages of text in which Paul-Henri explains how he came to be a fulltime Formula 1 photographer and, in his opinion, what made Senna so devastatingly quick. While the photographs stand alone, 9 pages of captions and thumbnail images give the reader a reference for where they were taken and what the mood and circumstances were at the time.

"May 1st, 1994, was one of the sadest days in my life: the man whose driving was simply magical, Ayrton Senna, was killed. Over the years, many people asked me for pictures of Ayrton; and I saw many books about Senna come and go. I gradually felt the need to put together my own story, the way I saw it, from that first day in March 1984 when I saw the young, shy but intense Brazilian making his debut in Formula One in Brazil, until that dreadful, final day in Imola ten years after. During that time, and over 150 races, I had the privilege to observe this fascinating man, the mystic that became a myth. It's now time to share my vision, and the result is: "Ayrton Senna - Through my eye".
The book is a large one (29 X 29 cm or 11.5 X 11.5 in) with more than 100 of my favorite photographs, all reproduced on single pages or double page spreads. After the pictures come the words: 18 pages of text where I explain how and why I became a Formula 1 photographer, and how I saw Senna, why he was so devastatingly quick. Finally, there are nine pages of captions and thumbnail images, so the reader has a reference regarding where the pictures were taken, and what the mood and circumstances were at the time. I hope you enjoy it."

Paul-Henri Cahier

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