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Motor Racing

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Motor Racing

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Motor Racing. By S.C.H. Davis. Editions Iliffe and Sons 1932. Written en English, hard cover with second cover. 23,5 x 15 centimeters size book. With autograph and dedication by the author.

A biography of the author, from Wikipedia:

Sydney Charles Houghton "Sammy" Davis (January 9, 1887, London - January 9, 1981) was a British motor racing journalist and driver.
While best known as Sports Editor of The Autocar, writing under the pen-name Casque (French for helmet), Sammy Davis also himself competed many forms of motor racing in the 1920s. Davis was a member of the famous Bentley Boys of the late 1920s. Aside from many awards earned in the popular trials competitions of the day, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1927. He was one of the founders of the Vintage Car Club of Great Britain in 1930, and the first Vice-President of the Aston Martin Owners Club in 1935 and designed the Aston Martin "wings" badge.
After the war, he did much to promote the revival of motorsport in Britain, both as Vice President of the Vintage Sports Car Club and as President of the new 500 Club (later the Half Litre Car Club).
Sammy lived his later years in Guildford, never losing his boyish enthusiasm for life. He was a great storyteller and made a modest living writing articles and painting oils. He was an excellent driver and even as his years advanced he trained police drivers at Hendon. He owned a white Bug-eyed Sprite, and a 1904 Leon Bolle, called "Beelzebub" that he took on the annual London to Brighton run. He died in a fire in his home, likely caused by his ever-present smouldering pipe.
His son Colin Davis also became a driver.

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