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Who Works in World Rally 2001
Who Works in World Rally, by F.M.Gregoire, Who Works Publications 2001, in English, 537 color pages.
Prezzo: € 50,00 - Motor Sports Books


Who Works in World Rally 1999
Who Works in World Rally 1999, Developing Technology in Competition, Who Works Publications. 456 pages, color photos, ...
Prezzo: € 50,00 - Motor Sports Books


Rolls Royce - The Story of the Best Car in the World
Rolls Royce - The Story of the Best Car in the WorldEditions Gibert-Clarey 1980. Written in English and French,  ...
Prezzo: € 80,00 - Motor Sports Books


The World's - Fastest Cars
The World's - Fastest CarsEditions Apple Press 1985. By John Mc Gavren. 128 pages in English, colors photos. ...
Prezzo: € 20,00 - Motor Sports Books


Classic Cars - from Around the World
Classic Cars - from Around the WorldEditions Parragon 2001. By Michael Bowler. 96 pages in English, colors photos. ...
Prezzo: € 6,00 - Motor Sports Books


Mike Hawthorn - My Battle for the Drivers' World Title
Champion Year - My Battle for the Drivers' World TitleEditions William Kimber London 1959. By Mike Hawthorn. 239 ...
Prezzo: € 180,00 - Motor Sports Books


A Racing Driver's World - Rudolf Caracciola
A Racing Driver's WorldEditions Motoraces B. Club 1963. By Rudolf Caracciola. 231 pages, in English. b/w photos. ...
Prezzo: € 74,00 - Motor Sports Books


A History of the World's Classic Cars
English book on the history of classic cars in the World with pictures and detailed descriptionsWritten by Richard ...
Prezzo: € 20,00 - Motor Sports Books


The World of Car Badges
The complete reference guide of the royal and national motoring associations of the worldPublished by DarwinAuthor Jan ...
Prezzo: € 90,00 - Motor Sports Books


Porsche Double World Champions 1900 - 1977
English book, published in 1978 by Haynes, written by Richard von Frankenberg 
Prezzo: € 75,00 - Motor Sports Books


Driven - Inside BMW, the Most Admired Car Company in the World
Book in English written by David KileyEdition of 2004 - Wiley
Prezzo: € 30,00 - Motor Sports Books


Grand Prix - World Championship 1961
English Book printed by A.S. Barnes in 1962 and written by L.T. Stanley
Prezzo: € 130,00 - Motor Sports Books


Grand Prix - World Championship 1960
English Book printed by Max Parrish in 1961 and written by L.T. Stanley
Prezzo: € 130,00 - Motor Sports Books


Grand Prix - World Championship 1959
English Book printed by A.S. Barnes in 1960 and written by L.T. Stanley
Prezzo: € 130,00 - Motor Sports Books


Grand Prix - World Championship 1964
English Book printed by Doubleday in 1965 and written by L.T. Stanley
Prezzo: € 130,00 - Motor Sports Books


Grand Prix - World Championship 1966
English Book printed by MacDonald in 1967 and written by L.T. Stanley
Prezzo: € 130,00 - Motor Sports Books


FIA World Touring Car Championship 2005
Recap of the WTCC 2005 season.English book 
Prezzo: € 15,00 - Motor Sports Books


Formula 1 World Championship 1987 Television Statistics

Prezzo: € 15,00 - Motor Sports Books


Mario Andretti World Champion
English bookWritten by Nigel Roebuck with Mario AndrettiPublished by Hamlyn in 1979 
Prezzo: € 64,00 - Motor Sports Books


Benetton Formula 1 - Notes of Victory - 1995 Drivers' & Constructors' World Champions
Benetton Formula 1 Yearbook 1995.Signed by Schumacher.
Prezzo: € 120,00 - Motor Sports Books


World Cars 1982
English book of all cars produced in 1982 by each automaker, full of technical data and descriptions of the various cars
Prezzo: € 20,00 - Motor Sports Books


FIA World Touring Car Championship 2006
Recap of the WTCC 2006 seasonEnglish book 
Prezzo: € 15,00 - Motor Sports Books


Formula 1 1995 - World Championship Photographic Review
Text in Italian.Description of the photos in ENG / ITA / GER 
Prezzo: € 15,00 - Motor Sports Books


Flywheel - Memories of the open road, Webb & Bower, 1987. Flywheel is a facsimile of a unique collection of ...
Prezzo: € 35,00 - Motor Sports Books


1986 - Formula 1 Season
1986 Formula 1 World Championship, Philip Morris Europe Edition, 1986, statistics, circuits, drivers, constructors, ...
Prezzo: € 20,00 - Motor Sports Books


Bernie's Game
Bernie's Game, "Inside the Formula One World of Bernie Ecclestone", by Terry Lowell, Ed. Metro. Bernie ...
Prezzo: € 28,00 - Motor Sports Books


Life at the Limit
Life at the Limit by Graham Hill, William Kimber Edition, 1969. 255 pages in english with b/w photos, the biography of ...
Prezzo: € 75,00 - Motor Sports Books


Royalty on the Road
Royalty on the Road - by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu andMichael Frostick, Collins Editions 1980. Photo collection of all ...
Prezzo: € 27,00 - Motor Sports Books


Le Automobili
Le Automobili - 1000 modelli (The automobiles - 1000 models) form the beginning till today (1974) from all the world ...
Prezzo: € 42,00 - Motor Sports Books


Automobile. An book on cars world, Italian edition. By Ralph Stein, preface by Stirling Moss. Ed. Mondador, 1967. 320 ...
Prezzo: € 45,00 - Motor Sports Books


20 Silver Ghosts
20 Silver Ghosts, the incomparable pre World War I Rolls-Royce, 1907-1914, by Phil May,  paintings by Melbourne ...
Prezzo: € 90,00 - Motor Sports Books


The Guinness Guide to International Motor Racing
The Guinness Guide to International Motor Racing. By Peter Higham. Guinness Publishing 1995. Everything is here from ...
Prezzo: € 29,00 - Motor Sports Books


A Racer's Guide To The Universe
A Racer's Guide To The Universe. By Tony Sakkis. Editions Evras press 1993. Spectator's Guide to Over 300 Race ...
Prezzo: € 12,00 - Motor Sports Books


Classic Cars
Classic Cars the essential automobile identification guide. By Craig Cheetham. Editions Grange Books 2008.A unique ...
Prezzo: € 26,00 - Motor Sports Books


Murray Walker's 1994 Grand Prix Year
Murray Walker's 1994 Grand Prix Year. By Murray Walker. Editions Peter Lovering 1994.Let Murray Walker, the man ...
Prezzo: € 18,00 - Motor Sports Books


Fangio Racing Driver
Fangio Racing Driver. By Olivier Merlin. Editions Batsford 1959.Olivier Merlin, who has the advantage over sone ...
Prezzo: € 60,00 - Motor Sports Books


Jaguar Sport Cars
Jaguar Sport Cars. By Paul Skilleter. Editions Haynes 1975.In terms of outright performance and value for money the ...
Prezzo: € 104,00 - Motor Sports Books


Jack Brabham: Quand Le Drapeau Se Baisse
Jack Brabham: Quand Le Drapeau Se Baisse. (When the curtain comes down) by Jack Brabham with Elizabeth Hayward. Solar ...
Prezzo: € 40,00 - Motor Sports Books

Catalogue Mondial des Modèles Réduits Automobiles
World Catalogue of Car Models, by Jacques Greilsamer and Bertrand Azéma.Edita Lausanne 1967.A complete catalogue ...
Prezzo: € 120,00 - Motor Sports Books


L'automobilismo italiano
L'automobilismo italiano - Italian motoringAutori Editori Associati 1968. VV AA. A complete overviewon italian ...
Prezzo: € 60,00 - Motor Sports Books


A Celebration of the World's Favourite Sports Car  Edited by Peter Haining Consulting Editor Jean ...
Prezzo: € 24,00 - Motor Sports Books


Autocourse - Official History of the Indianapolis 500
Published in 2006 by CMG Publishing.Written by Donald Davidson & Rick ShafferTo celebrate the 90th running ...
Prezzo: € 62,00 - Motor Sports Books


Catalogo Bolaffi delle Automobili da Collezione 2003
Book in paperbackPublisher Giulio BolaffiPublication Year 2003Text in Italian, EnglishAnalysis of the world of ...
Prezzo: € 49,00 - Motor Sports Books


Life in the fast lane
the inside of Benetton's first world championshipWritten by Steve Matchett, published by ORION 
Prezzo: € 10,00 - Motor Sports Books


Da Monza a Indianapolis
Picture book dedicated to great race track of the worldWritten by Tmmaso Tommasi 
Prezzo: € 80,00 - Motor Sports Books


la Maserati nel Terzo Millennio dal 1926 al 2001
ENG/ITA book.Published by Edizioni Artestampa in 2001 and written by Golinelli Enio. A comprehensive historical ...
Prezzo: € 30,00 - Motor Sports Books


Uomini e macchine della Formula1
Italian Book that tells the story of each house of Formula1 driver and the people that made it important in the world ...
Prezzo: € 20,00 - Motor Sports Books


Conoscere la Formula1 Volume 2
Encyclopedia sports dedicated to the world of Formula 1 
Prezzo: € 20,00 - Motor Sports Books


Classic Dream Cars
English book by Magna Books, published in 1988.A journey into the world of dream car. The flamboyant creation of top ...
Prezzo: € 15,00 - Motor Sports Books


Ferrari FXX Inside Out by Philip Bachman
Foreword by Amedeo FelisaBook in English The book is written by Ferrari enthusiast Philip Bachman. It tells a ...
Prezzo: € 44,50 - Motor Sports Books